We want to make your brand fly.

It’s all about finding someone who really gets you. A great fit is the key to making magic happen.
Hi! I’m Pamela Waldner, Founder of Rebel Bird Studio.

I want to build you the beautiful online space you deserve—one that not only reflects who you are, but also attracts exactly the people you want to work with. It might seem like a tall order, but I’m fluent in visuals and design is my playground. You don’t have to do everything yourself; let me make sure you have the high-quality visuals you need to make your brand fly.

I honed my skills studying film and video production in university, and learning graphic and web design at the same time. I taught myself to use myriad computer programs in the process, from Adobe Premiere to Photoshop and Illustrator.

After my studies, I built a hand-crafted jewelry business and created the logo, website, business cards, and marketing materials to go with it. That’s when my talent for visual composition, colour and font selection really started to shine, and soon I was wondering why I was designing jewelry instead of visuals. I didn’t care about fashion or following trends—I didn’t even wear jewelry all that much!

Once I realized my love was really going into creating visuals to promote my business, my new path was so obvious. Rebel Bird Studio began operations in February 2017, and I’ve never looked back.

You deserve great visuals. Isn’t it time you got them?
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A Dream Come True!

Working with Pam is a dream come true! She has been that person who has taken my ideas and passion into video and graphics. They say you can’t be good at everything, so hire out the things you don’t do well. Pam is my go to person. She takes my raw ideas and turned it into draft one and has NO problem taking feedback to make it exactly what I want it to be. She offers suggestions but ultimately allows me to be the judge of when it becomes final product. She is quick, response time is amazing and all around rockstar gal. Don’t believe this write up, call me and I will sing her praises personally!

Tracy Thompson

Totally Kicks Ass!

Pamela Waldner is an amazing graphic designer and video magician person. Her business Rebel Bird Studio does amazing work. She has been working with me, more likely completely cheerleading me, on this process to create my podcast. She did all the audio intro magic and editing and she created the amazing cover art and other graphics. Pam totally kicks ass! If you need any work done, you need to go to her.

Heather Lindholm

A Complete Blessing!

Pamela Waldner has also been a complete blessing in my business tackling my website issues that I had no idea how to resolve! Such a good feeling to have good people in your corner.

Marie Berwald

A Superstar!

You’re a superstar with fast responses and take care of everything we need. Looking forward to pestering you for another year and beyond! You’re such a pleasure to work with.

Angie Evans

Easy to Work With.

Pam was easy to work with, took my ideas and turned them into beautiful finished products all in a timely manner. I highly recommend her services.

Jan Barnes