VIP Days

The practical magic you didn’t know you needed.

Time is precious. And wasting it grinds your gears. Just thinking about traditional project timelines that span several weeks, or even months, makes your eye twitch.

So why not choose the day the work gets done?

When you book a VIP Day, you and your project have my undivided attention for the day. No bouncing between other client projects, emails, or meetings.

I dive into the work that we’ve planned and prepped in advance to produce deliverables with a quicker turnaround time.

You get to skip the queue and experience a practical, efficient process that respects your time without sacrificing quality.

Here are some things we can do in a day…

Video or Audio Editing

Get your videos or podcast episodes edited together with intro and outro sequences to achieve a polished look and feel.

Design Punch List

Have some smaller design projects knocked off your to do list. Choose digital or print or both.

Web Design

Design a new sales or landing page, or give a couple of pages on your website a fresh new look.

A few things to note about VIP Days:

  • You must be readily available to make decisions on your VIP day.
  • You are booking me for a block of time, and I can not guarantee the completion of a set of deliverables.
  • To maximize your VIP day, you will need to complete prep work ahead of time.

How It Works


Get in my calendar, lock in your day with payment, and then tell me all about your project and goals.


To make the most of your day, each of us needs to complete prep work ahead of time.


We kickoff the day with a call and then make magic happen. I’ll check in with you as needed for decisions.


VIP Days

Half Day

$475.00 CAD


  • Access to my prep work guide
  • 30-minute kickoff call
  • 4-Hour VIP Day


Full Day

$950.00 CAD


  • Access to my prep work guide
  • 30-minute kickoff call
  • 8-Hour VIP Day

Let’s get started!

Choose a day from my availability calendar, and lock in your day with payment.

Still unsure? Fill out the form on my Contact page, and we’ll get it figured out.

Making you look your best, instead of just like the rest, in one intensive day or less!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are payment plans available?

Yes, there are two payment options. You may choose to pay in full upon contract execution, or you may pay a 50% deposit upon contract execution with the remaining 50% due 2 days prior to your booking.

What website platforms or software do you design for?

I have extensive experience designing with the WordPress software + Divi Theme. I also have experience with the Showit platform.

Do you offer individual services à la carte?

If you’re looking for individual services, then a VIP Day is what you want. If you’re not sure how much time to book for your project(s), please fill out the form on the Contact page, and I’ll help you figure it out.

My questions aren't answered here. Do you book calls?

Yes, I’m happy to hop on a call to answer your questions. Please fill out the form on the Contact page, and then we can schedule a call.