Helping humans get

awesome custom websites!

What to expect

I’m Pamela Waldner – Digital Media Creator. I want to help you transform your boring website into the awesome online space you deserve. A space that feels more like you and attracts the people you want to work with. I navigate all the techie stuff, build marketing strategy into each page, and make the whole thing look freakin’ badass.

I get it. Building a new website can seem daunting. Here’s a breakdown of the custom website experience, so you know what to expect:

  1. We talk about your business.
  2. We make a plan.
  3. We get to work.

What do we do in each step? Let’s take a look.

Step One

We talk about your business.

To create a space that feels like an extension of you, we need to discuss some important topics about you and your business. After our initial contact, we will schedule a one-hour virtual meeting. One week prior to our meeting, I will provide you with a link to an online questionnaire, so you’ll be able to review the questions. It’s okay if you have trouble coming up with answers ahead of time. We will discuss each question during our call.

Step Two

We make a plan.

Once I’ve taken time to review everything we discussed during our call in Step One, I present you with a plan for your new website build. It outlines everything: the individual pages to be designed and setup, additional functionality needed (such as a members-only area or online bookings), estimated timeline for project completion, content checklist (so you know exactly what you need to provide), as well as investment info and payment options.

Step Three

We get to work.

Following the plan we created in Step Two, I start building your new website. We’ll communicate with each other throughout the process. I’ll ask you for items on the content checklist, give you opportunities to provide feedback on layout and design decisions, and we’ll have fun with it all! When everything is ready, I’ll move the website to your own web host. Don’t know what a web host is? That’s okay. I’ll guide you through the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you build websites with?

I build websites with the open-source content management system (CMS) from You will actually own the custom website I build for you. You will have the freedom to pack it up and move it Whenever, Wherever.

Do you build e-commerce websites?

Yes! If you want to sell products, services, courses, event tickets, subscriptions, memberships, or your own time, I absolutely do that.

Do you offer services other than website design?

Yes! I also offer custom media creation services, which includes start to finish video creation, illustration, animation, all types of digital and print design, as well as podcast creation.

Are your website designs responsive?

Yes! Every website is created with great care to ensure it adapts quickly and looks great on every device.

Will you train me how to update the website once it’s live?

Yes! I offer easy-to-follow guides that will show you how to complete simple day-to-day updates on your own, if that’s what you want to do. I also offer optional training plans for those looking for one-to-one live instruction.

Do you offer website support?

Yes! I offer website support at an hourly rate for all websites that I have built. My current rates are included in the custom website build plan.

Is a custom website right for you?

You’re a bad fit if:

❌ You’re indecisive or don’t know what you want.
❌ You want to see the design before you commit.
❌ You’re looking for a quick, cheap website.

Is this you? Then a custom website isn’t the right choice for you at this time.

You’re a good fit if:

✔️ You already serve clients in your field.
✔️ You don’t want to set up a website on your own.
✔️ You’re ready to invest in marketing your business.

Is this you? Then a custom website is a good choice for you. I invite you to start a conversation with me about building your dream website.

Feelin’ the love

Working with Pam is a dream come true! They say you can’t be good at everything, so hire out the things you don’t do well. Pam is my go to person.


Tracy Thompson

Pamela Waldner is an amazing graphic designer and video magician person. Pam totally kicks ass! If you need any work done, you need to go to her.


Heather Lindholm

Pamela Waldner has also been a complete blessing in my business tackling my website issues that I had no idea how to resolve! Such a good feeling to have good people in your corner.


Marie Berwald

You’re a superstar with fast responses and take care of everything we need. Looking forward to pestering you for another year and beyond! You’re such a pleasure to work with.


Angie Evans