Brand in Focus

To glide among the clouds, you must first identify what makes you a rebel. What sets you apart in your industry? What do you stand for and against? What problem do you solve, and why do you do it? We ask questions like this and more. Knowing how you’re different, where you stand, and why you do it all will clear your path for liftoff.


We ask you about your business. Then we do some preliminary research, so we can develop the best strategic flight plan for your brand.

We get on a call with you to review the strategic flight plan. It’s an intense experience that shines a new light on your business and brings your brand into crystal clear focus.


We provide you with a written report that outlines the strategic flight plan. You can work with us to create your brand or implement the strategic flight plan on your own.

Includes research and development, the live brand intensive, and the strategic flight plan to get your brand in the air.


(This cost gets applied to Brand in Flight moving forward.)

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