Brand Focus

Your eyes snap open and your heart races.
You forgot to plan posts for your online spaces.
You launch at your laptop and create a graphic.
Then post immediately to relieve your panic.
With your fresh brewed coffee in hand,
You sit down and open up Instagram.
Any likes and comments and clicks so far?
Not a single one, but you’re trying so hard!
You just don’t get it. Why aren’t you selling?
It comes down to the signals you’re sending.
To prevent your audience from scrolling by
You need visuals, words, and strategy combined.
Go from scattered to focused
and get f*cking noticed
With a plan for your brand
that’s easy to command.

Brand Focus is a strategic planning process to help you stand out in your industry and connect with your audience by finding your unique edge and then focusing your brand around it.

Step 1 – The Interview

This is a live call where we get to know you and your business. We ask questions that will have you thinking about your business in different ways. It’s an intense, eye-opening experience.

Step 2 – Analysis and Report

After taking time to review all the information we gathered during the interview, we work our magic, and then provide you with a written report that details your brand opportunities and a plan to move forward.

Brand Focus


(This cost gets applied to Brand Flight moving forward.)

Includes the live brand intensive interview and a written report outlining your brand opportunities and a plan forward.