Brand Focus

Your eyes snap open, and your heart races. SHIT! You forgot to schedule your social media post today. You launch at your laptop, open Canva, and hastily throw an image quote together before posting. Okay, coffee time.

With your fresh brew, you sit down and open Instagram to see if you’ve got any likes and comments for engagement. Nada. Nothing. Zilch. You just don’t get it. You flung yourself out of bed trying to be consistent. And you’re getting nothing but crickets.

Why aren’t you selling anything?

Your DIY graphics are sending out mixed signals. There’s a disconnect between your visual elements and your messaging. The result? Your audience is scrolling on by without giving you a double-tap.

How do you go from scattered to focused?

Brand Focus is all about creating the strategic plan for a badass brand that’s infused with your unique edge. Don’t know what your unique edge is or if you even have one? We figure it out.

Why does that matter?

It provides focus and clarity, so you can create marketing materials that resonate with your audience. Creating genuine connections with your peeps influences their decision to interact with you–and buy from you.

Go from scattered to focused and get fucking noticed with a badass brand that’s easy to command.

Here’s how we roll:

The interview is a live call where we get to know you and your business. We ask questions that will have you thinking about your business in different ways. It’s an intense, eye-opening experience.
After taking time to review all the information we gathered during the interview, we work our magic and come up with a plan for your brand. We provide you with a written report that details our plan along with a quote to move forward.

Brand Focus


(This cost gets applied to Brand Flight moving forward.)

Includes the live brand intensive call and a written report outlining your badass brand opportunities and a plan forward.