Brand Flight

Gets you off the ground with a strategic, bespoke brand in two weeks.


You’re wearing the outfit that makes you feel the most CONFIDENT.

It fits well in all the right places and none of the wrong ones. The colour, or lack thereof, brightens your skin. You’re standing taller, walking with purpose, and smiling more.

You’re positively RADIANT.


In that outfit, you feel like you can do anything. Even step outside your comfort zone. That’s the power of clothing with the right cut, colour, and texture.

Now, picture your brand.


Your logo, fonts, colours, images, website, social media, business cards. Think about everything that’s been created to represent your business.

Do you feel that confident about your brand?


Or do you cringe when asked for your website address and say it’s a work in progress as you hand over your business card?

Let’s create a bespoke brand that fits you so well you CAN’T WAIT to show it off.


Brand Flight


What’s Included:

  • Define Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values
  • Define Target Audience, Competitors, and Value Proposition
  • Define Personality and Voice
  • Design Logo Suite
  • Font Selection and Colour Palette
  • Strategy + Style Guide

Let’s get started!

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To soar above the trees,
you must first get in the air.