Website Design – Queen City Collective

Website Design – Queen City Collective

Rebel Bird Studio designed and setup a new website for Queen City Collective. We also provide support and maintenance for the website. Below is a screen capture of the home page.

Logo – Heather Lindholm

This is the stacked version of the Heather Lindholm logo. All logo design projects are finalized with a complete set of logomarks and wordmarks in both stacked and horizontal orientation, as well as in black and white. All versions are provided in high resolution for...

Logo – Caleighs Crystals

This is the final version of the Caleighs Crystals® logo. After a couple of different concepts were presented, the client decided she was still keen on using the font of her original logo, so we did a logo refresh instead of a redesign.

Executive Board Photo – Regina Women’s Network

Rebel Bird Studio captured this image of the incoming 2018-2019 Executive Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting of the Regina Women’s Network. See anyone familiar? Our very own Pamela Waldner is standing on the far right!

Promo Video – Kiddoz

Rebel Bird Studio completed the post-production process for this promotional video for Kiddoz. We were provided with mobile phone video clips and the Kiddoz logo. Then Pamela worked her magic.