about rebel bird studio

Do you want to start a podcast or YouTube channel but you’re stuck because you don’t know how to produce and edit the content?
Sick of sifting through cookie cutter options that are holding you back from representing your company and yourself authentically?
Do you want to completely overhaul your website but you are hesitant because of past experiences with other companies?
What about the hassles of coordinating projects between your tech person, photographer, graphic designer, and video producer?
Or are you tired of trying to do everything by yourself?

If you can relate to any the above scenarios, you will want to work with Rebel Bird Studio. You will work with one professional from start to finish.

  • No more hassles searching for and communicating with a group of different people
  • No more settling for cookie cutter templates for websites, business cards, and other media
  • No more hours wasted trying to do everything yourself when none of it is within your skill set

Hiring a professional allows you to spend more of your time and energy focusing on what you do best, and that moves your business forward faster.

Who is Rebel Bird? 

Her name is Pamela Waldner. She studied film and video production at the University of Regina while holding down a part-time job and working on graphic and website design projects for extra money. After leaving her studies, Pamela built her own brand of hand-crafted jewelry. Through her jewelry business, Pamela honed all of her visual design skills and rediscovered her talent and passion for that work.

Businesses are as unique as the people who build them.

Pamela understands that each business has different needs, even those within the same industry. Sometimes people ask for solutions simply because someone else in their line of work uses them, but this isn’t a one size fits all kind of deal. Pamela strives to understand the unique situations, as well as the long-term and short-term goals of her clients so that she is able to provide them with products and services that are in their best interests. She is committed to serving her clients with integrity, respect, and heart. To her, it is the only way.

are you ready to move forward?

Pam currently has capacity to take on a few projects. To reach out to her and talk about work that you need done, you can phone (306) 551-8154, email hello@rebelbirdstudio.com, or use the contact form below.

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