about rebel bird studio

We recognize and appreciate that most people feel like there aren’t enough hours in a day to do all the things they want to get done. If you work for yourself, you experience this on a whole new level. What do busy people like you want? Effective and efficient use of your time and money which enables you to succeed. That’s what we want for you, too.

We focus on delivering photo, video, and design products and services. Everything is handled by one person who works with you from start to finish to achieve the look and feel you want for your business or organization. No more searching for a website designer and administrator, photographer, graphic designer, and videographer. No more settling for cookie cutter templates offered for websites, business cards, and other media. No more hours wasted trying to do all of these things yourself when you know you suck at them. Hiring a professional allows you to spend more of your time focusing on what you do best, and that moves your business forward faster.

So, who’s in charge here anyway?

That would be Pamela Waldner. Before Rebel Bird Studio, she built her own brand of hand-crafted jewellery, Anwen Rose, which was shown on the Saskatchewan Fashion Week runway in 2013 and 2014. Building her jewellery company allowed Pam to work on graphic and website design skills, which is something she started doing to earn extra cash while attending the University of Regina to study Film and Video Production.

Pam has always been creative and excels at many types of visual-based art and design. Her minimalist, utilitarian style gives everything she touches a simple, clean look. She focuses on user experience for both the company as well as its clients, which ensures both sides of the equation get the most out of her services. After all is said and done, everyone wants happy clients.