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Rebel Bird Studio

Imagine working with someone who can capture photos and video of you in your work environment as you create art, teach workshops, and provide stellar service to your clients. Photos of your products are shot once the work is completed. That same person works with you to create the website you’ve always wanted but thought it was out of your reach. Photo and video shoots are planned so that all desired content for your website is created. Your logo can be created or given a refresh. Profile photos and cover art for your social media accounts are in there, too. Oh, almost forgot to mention designs for printed materials such as business cards and signs. All of it handled by one person who works with you to achieve the look and feel you want for your brand.

Sound like a dream come true? This is what Rebel Bird Studio is all about.

One story. One vision. One professional.


Rebel Bird Studio - Strawberry Cheesecake Muffins


Bring Rebel Bird Studio into your work space to take photos of you and document your process. You should also have stunning photos of your finished goods. Use them for your website and social media presence as well as other promotional materials.

DSLR Camera and Clapboard


Let Rebel Bird Studio tell your story. Show people what you do or go out on location where you feel the most inspired. Video is incredibly powerful. It allows people to connect with you and your work on a different level than words or images alone.

Tablet with Rebel Bird Studio Mascot


From your logo to your business cards to your website and more. Rebel Bird Studio not only helps you create a brand identity that reflects who you are, but also ensures consistency across all types of media and devices.

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